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We believe that university scheduling should be simple & driven by student success.
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smiling dude

March 2018

Two students discover a massive class scheduling problem.
Columbia University students Justin Wenig & Nicholas Diao become friends with individuals in Columbia IT department and realize the massive pain involved with academic scheduling.

April 2018

They decide to get to the bottom of it.
The two begin product development out of Justin’s apartment over the summer.
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August 2018

Coursedog launches!
The journey to transform academic scheduling begins.

August 2018

We Welcome our first Partners.
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December 2018

Seed-funded and California-bound!
After closing seed funding led by Y Combinator and Ebay CEO Devin Wenig, the team heads out to California for 3 months.

January 2019

The Coursedog network explodes.
Coursedog signs on ten new schools of all shapes and sizes.
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