Coursedog's mission is to break down barriers in Higher Education.

Coursedog partners with institutions of all shapes and sizes in order to facilitate forward-thinking business practices, fuel administrative efficiencies, and further learners.

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The Coursedog Mission

Higher Education is in crisis. The cost of education is skyrocketing, while only 33% of students in the US graduate in four years and issues of equity and access are worsening.

At Coursedog, we believe Higher Ed’s reliance on outdated software is the root of the problem. 75% of universities operate entirely on legacy, on-premise software, resulting in millions of frustrated students saddled with heaps of debt. Coursedog’s mission is to break down barriers in Higher Education.

To do so, we offer modern software for Higher Education: from supercharging the student scheduling experience to empowering administrators with analytics that graduate more students in less time.

Our vision is to enable the $1T+ global Higher Education market to reach its highest ideals to facilitate upward mobility, equity and positive change.

Who’s behind Coursedog?

Coursedog's founding story is rooted in a desire to help students. In 2018, Coursedog's Co-Founders and then college students, Justin Wenig and Nick Diao, felt stuck when they were unable to register for core computer science classes.

After talking to administrators to better understand how the schedule is built, they were surprised to find out that many schools continued to rely on spreadsheets and legacy tools to manage these processes.

In partnership with early customers like Columbia University and BYU, Justin and Nick set out to build a solution that institutions could rely on to remain agile in their administrative processes in order to help students.

Today, Coursedog is Higher Ed's first Integrated Academic Operations platform and the only solution that manages academic & event schedule optimization, curriculum and catalog management, academic reporting & demand projections, and campus form solutions in a single tool.

In 2020, Coursedog became the market leader, signing on 60 new university partners, including the City University of New York System, serving over 700,000 students, and growing to over 45 team members.

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