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"I like the fact that data reports are live data, it's not an overnight refresh or waiting till the next day to check your work. You make a change in Coursedog and you can run the reports and exactly whats in the system right then"

Laura Chapman
Class Scheduling & Curriculum
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"I was so surprised that the catalog seamlessly flowed with the DBU website, it didn't look foreign like something stuck in there, it looked like it was part of our site which was a pleasant surprise"

Mindy Barrett
Assist Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
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“I wanted it all together as one because the more products that you have that are tacked on to the SIS, the more you are going through with the connectors, the data bridge,” she explained. “You’re always relying on someone else if one piece is not working.”

Jenn Creech
Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Registrar
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"Coursedog's team makes all the difference! They are friendly, attentive and eager to meet needs. We have asked a lot out of the events platform and Coursedog is delivering on a product that works well for our campus."

Kensley Edge
Director of university events

"Thank you, again, for making the university more efficient regarding scheduling and my life quite a bit easier!!"

Gabriela Wanless

"All four software packages were created to work with each other; the curriculum systems feeds into the catalog, which feeds into creating the course schedule and finding room assignments, all in one system."

Joseph Hickman
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"Coursedog has outperformed...They are very responsive... it is money in the bank for our business needs."

Laura Patrick

Previously, we used a product for our events and classroom management that felt outdated and lacked caring customer services. Our experience with Coursedog has been the opposite: the product looks good, but more importantly, our interactions with the Coursedog team make us feel like they genuinely care."

Trevor King

"Coursedog's software is gorgeous. With it, we will be able to manage [scheduling] issues without back-and-forth over email and phone."

John Masserini
Vice Provost

“The catalog launched right along with the new website,” continued Steve. “And there were a lot of compliments. People thought the catalog was actually part of the website.”

Steve Young
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"Time to leverage systems that can measure academic success across all programs and delivery methods. Systems like Coursedog are the new and credible campus systems that allow measurement of academic resources and student success and placement."

Michael Mathews
VP, Innovation & Technology

"Coursedog has made planning for courses for an entire year possible. It incorporates section and course demand analytics that we have been calculating for years manually. The team always answers our questions quickly and is absolutely incredible, professional, and has helped us implement Coursedog seamlessly."

Rachel Horton
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