The most intuitive platform to handle curriculum. No PDF's and email ping-pong.

Promote collaboration, efficiency and data integrity with curriculum workflows and approvals. Tightly integrated with your SIS, Catalog and Schedule.

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Modern Platform Designed in Collaboration with: 


Increase Transparency with an Intuitive Interface for End-to-End Approvals

Accelerate Curriculum Development by Easily Tracking and Updating Objectives, Requisites and Dependencies.


Real-time updates to Schedule, Catalog & Your SIS

Create meeting agendas and integrate with GSuite and Outlook.

Access 50+ reports to visualize curriculum over time and comparisons with other institutions.

Integration with any SIS and rest of Coursedog products

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Advanced Features

Logo and Color Branding
Audit log for everything
Role-based permissioning

Real-time, bi-directional integrations with any SIS and your existing systems.

Oracle Peoplesoft

    All Ellucian SIS

  Homegrown SIS

    Jenzabar SIS

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