Curriculum Management

Your assistant for managing the curriculum. Eliminate all of the manual work passing forms between committees and create a searchable digital archive of all proposals. View curriculum innovation reports to delight your Provost.

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Streamline the workflow.

Create customizable forms and rule-based workflow.

Stay organized with a digital archive of all curriculum proposals.

Track your proposals and bottlenecks in one dashboard.

Better data for smarter decisions.

Create meeting agendas and view similar historical proposals.

Access 50+ reports to visualize curriculum over time and comparisons with other institutions.

Integration with any SIS and rest of Coursedog products

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Advanced Features

Append email templates & notifications to workflow
Search for anything
Automatically send approvals to catalog and schedule

Homegrown SIS/Excel
Coursedog makes it so easy to build schedules. No more pen & paper, back and forth communication and manually checking for conflicts. Incredible product.
Mary Dawson
Head of Biology Department
Kingsborough Community College
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