Take the Load Off IT

Coursedog provides a single integration for your campus to manage virtually the entirety of its academic and curricular processes.

Streamline curriculum, catalog, events, courses, syllabi, and more with one integration. Not three or more.

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Integration dashboard

Self-service integration puts you in control

Manage all integrations through a singular dashboard that puts the power to administer the integration and its associated settings directly in your hands.

Allow non-technical users to operate integrations, eliminating the need for IT to get involved.

Configure sync settings, data filters, mappings, and sources of truth.

Role-based access control

Real-time enrollment data makes the difference for operating efficiency

Our customers tell us that Coursedog's advanced, dynamic role-based access control actually provides them with levels of granular control not currently available in their SIS.

Integrations across campus

Integrations with your SIS, LMS, SSO & others

Coursedog's open APIs make integrations across campus hassle-free.

We integrate with all major SISs, as well as home-grown platforms, SSO mechanisms like SAML and Shibboleth, and other campus tools.

Learn more about integrations

Integrations Overview

We put together resources on our approach to integrations.


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