Learn What Makes Coursedog a Strategic Partner

We've built a thoughtful, hands-on implementation process to help your institution get the most out of our solutions.

Our Approach

At Coursedog we measure our success against our ability to enable our institutional partners to meet their goals. Our foundational, relationships-based customer success approach spans beyond go-live in order to help continually deliver value to our partners.

Our Teams Work Together

Our customers are assigned both functional and technical deployment owners to help ensure that every implementation need, across all of your stakeholders, is met. We prioritize collaboration and partnership during requirements gathering, configuration and training, equipping institutions with the tools they need to be successful after the implementation phase.

No Hidden Fees

We believe that an implementation is only as effective as it is transparent. All of our partners receive implementation resources, configuration, training, and ongoing account management support, without needing to pay exorbitant or hidden fees for additional support.

Robust Resources

We understand that the success of any software implementation is influenced by product adoption across campus. Our robust set of end user resources, including customized training guides and product solution articles and videos hosted on our help center, are built to help institutions successfully navigate change management.

Feedback Channels

At Coursedog it is important for us to incorporate our customers' feedback in our products. That's why we create avenues for our customers to provide product feedback and feature enhancements that influence our product roadmap.

Best Practice Consultant

Our customers report a number of process enhancements that resulted from their partnership with Coursedog. Our customer success representatives help institutions identify opportunities to drive efficiencies, and navigate these best practice adjustments.

Partner Today & Tomorrow

Our customer success team is committed to building long-term relationships with our institutional partners to help them meet their goals during and after implementation. While the implementation phase may end after go-live, our team continues to hold post-go-live health checks and goal achievement meetings to ensure long-term success.

Meet Your Customer Success Team

What your team might look like

Annie, one of our PMs

Our project managers drive our partner relationships during the implementation phase, overseeing goal alignment, timeline, functional configuration, and training.

Jesse, one of our DEs

Our data engineers own the bi-directional integration side of our deployments, and maintenance of live integrations, to ensure smooth-sailing.

Bridget, one of our CSMs

Our customer success managers work closely with our institutional partners following go-live to help them achieve new and existing goals, and share how system enhancements can be leveraged effectively.

Mara, a support guru

Our support team members are responsible for helping to foster the continued success of our partners after go-live by answering support tickets and continually improving our end user resources.

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