The Real Saving from Optimizing Your Course Schedule

With Coursedog you can easily identify your under-filled and overfilled sections, allowing you to open more sections or close sections to maximize your seat utilization. While this in itself is great, we wanted to help paint the picture for the cost savings your institution could have by utilizing our scheduling platform.

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Offer the Right Courses, Seats and Sections & Track Scheduling ROI.

When you tally up the savings from eliminating excess sections and expanding high demand sections, then number becomes a major cost savings to the institution.

Check out this infographic that goes over cost savings for higher ed institutions that utilize our course scheduling solution.

Tight, bi-directional integrations with any SIS & SSO

Oracle Peoplesoft

    All Ellucian SIS

  Homegrown SIS

    Jenzabar SIS

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Blue Ridge Community College: Why IT Likes Coursedog
“The catalog launched right along with the new website,” continued Steve. “And there were a lot of compliments. People thought the catalog was actually part of the website.”
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COVID Couldn’t Stop Chaminade University of Honolulu From Adopting An All-In-One Curricular Success Platform
“I wanted a cloud-based solution that included catalog, scheduling, and eventually curriculum that wasn’t going to be a lot of work for our IT staff because it's a small team and is pulled in many directions.”
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Implementing Coursedog with SUNY New Paltz
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Case Study: Brigham Young University
"BYU found Coursedog to be the most complete solution on the market: handling the entire scheduling process from faculty scheduling preferences through room scheduling."
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How Laguna College drove Positive ROI with Coursedog
"Coursedog has outperformed... they are very responsive and it is money in the bank for our business needs."
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