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In this episode of Resources for Humans, Jack sits down with Stripe’s Chief Operating Officer, Claire Hughes Johnson, who spent over a decade at Google before joining Stripe, to talk about her mindset when making organizational decisions, her hiring and onboarding practices, and the real source of power when it comes to leadership. The need for payment has stayed the same for thousands of years; the only thing that’s changed is the technology behind those payments. Enter, Stripe.The economy and job creation are ever changing, so while Stripe’s idea is on solid ground, its execution is constantly evolving. Hughes Johnson makes sure the company, which is known for its high retention rate, is finding people who are on board for that long-term change. People who care about economic infrastructure are the most important thing we look for at Stripe, she says.When making changes and adapting to change, she often asks, “What are we going to optimize for and what price are we going to pay for optimizing that thing?” Every organizational decision has an externality. While Hughes Johnson is someone people look to to make the whole company better, she’s constantly trying to “get herself out of a job.”

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