Simple, Innovative Curriculum and Catalog Management

We are excited at the possibility of partnering with you to help accomplish the goals you have at Ivy Tech. We agree with your philosophy of innovation being built on a strong core of standardization. You will find that our product introduces structure and consistency for your administration and faculty while reducing the manual work that gets in the way of innovation.

Our platform has been built to help you communicate to students what they are going to learn, what they will be doing and connects the outcomes of courses to make them more visible to students.

Update All Of Your Systems In One Place

Gone are the days where you need to make updates in 6 different places. With our bi-directional sync with your SIS Banner, any changes made in our platform automatically push to the SIS, CRM, Catalog and wherever else you may need to keep this information consistent.


Automate Touchpoints
& Improve Communication

With over 40 location, there becomes 100's of touch-points needed when managing changes and excel sheets just won't cut it.

With Coursedog's workflow builder you can easily setup approval workflows, create automated alerts and bring visibility so others know what they need to complete and when.


Produce Course Outline of Records Automatically

No matter the format, we have the flexibility to structure your data the way you would like to see it. We wiil work with you to determine how you would like to information to appear and create a template that can be generated from the software.


See How We Stack Up

Curious how we compare to others? We put together this matrix to help you see where we all differer.

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