A Message for Registrars: Sending Our Support and Best Wishes for Fall Semester

August 20, 2020
Coursedog News


August 20, 2020


Coursedog News

Let’s face it. This will be a fall semester like no other. Online and hybrid classes, students back on campus, health protocols, optimal class and space scheduling, and a lot more. So, we get that you are up to your eyeballs in figuring out how all this is going to work (Plan A). And what to do if something doesn’t (Plan B).

While we understand that this is a time of overwhelming challenge for you, we also know that registrars are some of the most creative and innovative rock stars in higher ed. You’ve had to be, and that’s even more important in these unprecedented times.

Taking a Break (From Everything Except All Things COVID)

Right now, many schools are on pause for looking at new software and technology. In the long term, however, we believe that technology adoption will increase (a lot). That’s because you need tools that are flexible and agile to help you get work done faster and ready to meet these new 21st century challenges. 

Picking the right technology will give you a competitive advantage, enabling you to adapt on a dime, become more flexible in your instruction, and improve the student experience. And that all contributes to student success (the big goal).

So, best of luck with fall semester. You’ve got this. The thing is: we are all on this crazy new journey together. So, take a deep breath, pour another cup of coffee, and carry on.

When It’s Time to Embrace Technology

When you’re ready, we’re here. Technology is an enabler, so embrace it. Just remember, we’ve got your back. And in the meantime, if we can help you with anything, just contact us.

We can do things like provide a free analysis of your schedule and share data on what other schools are doing. Also, we’ve uploaded flat files directly from the SIS (for more than 70+ institutions) and provided them with a host of analytics to help them think about rearranging schedules and reoptimizing certain pockets with significant bottlenecks (like too many students enrolled in a class or in a building).

For higher ed, scheduling is integral, tied to your two most expensive resources: faculty and facilities. The most cost-effective, far-reaching thing you can do in this time of challenge and change is to rearrange and re-optimize room and class scheduling. (Just saying …)