Enrollment Heat Maps: If You Build It, They Will Come

June 26, 2020
Class Scheduling


June 26, 2020


Class Scheduling

You asked for it, so we gave it to you.

Because that's what we do🤓.

Enrollment heat maps are now LIVE for scheduling clients.

In an effort to provide our partners with greater visibility into the efficacy of their schedules, and to remain agile in making sure our product roadmap aligns with their current needs (now more than ever), we've launched enrollment heat maps.

As an out-of-the-box feature of our Scheduling platform, Coursedog partners have immediate and instantaneously updated insight into how effectively their schedules achieve operating efficiency✨.

For one, schools can filter by building or room type in order to be cognizant of social distancing measures for COVID-planning this Fall.

Among the most jarring findings of a nation-wide study conducted by Hanover Research: just 32% of university sections are considered "balanced," while 41% and 25% are under and over-utilized, respectively.

Simply put, schools aren't making efficient use of their resources.

That's costly to students and administrators alike🤔.

Features like our enrollment heat maps and ROI dashboard (blog post forthcoming) mean Coursedog partners are ahead of the curve.

Book a demo today to learn how your institution can do the same😏.