ROI Dashboard

July 2, 2020
Class Scheduling
Maybe it's just us.
It feels like it'd be nice to know the ROI of a piece of software if you're the Registrar / Provost / VP / Dean / Director / etc etc buying it.
So we decided to do just that, because you deserve the need-to-knows and the nice-to-knows😊.
Coursedog's new ROI Dashboard empowers customers to leverage enrollment data in order to assess and drive operating efficiency.
For example, it immediately highlights both over-filled and under-filled rooms so schedulers can make adjustments in real time⏱️.
This functionality provides effectively instant ROI💸 by flagging potentially superfluous sections as well as those for which additional provision(s) may be necessary.
As such, you can multiply the marginal cost of a section by the number of sections eliminated via Coursedog's recommendation(s) to assign this feature a dollar value at your school.
The same can be done with added sections, with the added caveat that you'll need to quantify the financial impact of bottlenecks caused by over-filled sections.
In an environment where every dollar counts, we hope Coursedog's ROI Dashboard makes life just a little bit easier💃🕺.

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