The Modern College Catalog


August 4, 2020


Jordan Kindler



Reinventing the College Catalog

In the world of digital catalog software, innovation is hard to come by. Many products are simply workflow management and digital archiving tools that are hard for administrators to maintain and burdensome for students to leverage.

By embedding local EMSI labor and wage data directly into the college catalog, and integrating with Google Analytics to track page views, Coursedog is reimagining the catalog's utility for both students and administrators.

From Just Listing Classes to Identifying Career Outcomes

Coursedog began to rethink how a catalog can be used to display college offerings, and we realized the catalog can be something more than a simple rolodex of classes and programs. Instead, it can provide genuinely useful and predictive information on the implications of choosing a given degree path.

With Coursedog Catalog, students can make more informed decisions about their program of study, and have an easier time understanding the potential ROI of their college studies as a whole. (We think parents might like this feature, too.)

In this way, we're putting more information and power in the hands of students as they make critical decisions about their futures.

Integrating Google Analytics. Leveraging Data for Better Decisions.

Integrating Coursedog Catalog with Google Analytics empowers administrators to leverage catalog web traffic data to better understand how many and what kinds of students use the catalog, how they navigate and engage with it, and what programs and courses prospects are interested in.

This data provides previously inaccessible insight into program and course-level interest and demand, as well as into how well programs market themselves. Administrators can align course offerings and seats accordingly.

Engagement data form Google Analytics could also be used as a proxy for predictive enrollment analytics. By measuring the correlation between catalog traffic and actual enrollments over time, schools can begin to use catalog web activity to predict future enrollments.

What’s Next?

Learn more about Coursedog Catalog. We’ve created a solution brief that goes deeper into the ways in which we are innovating catalogs in Higher Ed.

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