Why Coursedog beats CourseLeaf CIM & CAT

March 26, 2021
Curriculum Management

There's a reason campuses with existing curriculum and catalog platforms are increasingly replacing their legacy solutions, and that campuses looking to purchase their first are looking towards innovators in the space. Though long-standing vendors with rolodexes of existing partners can seem a natural, and certainly safe, choice, we'd like to highlight why the next generation of curriculum and catalog management solutions like Coursedog present a more sustainable and powerful opportunity for your campus.

Easy, yet powerful

Put simply, Coursedog is easy to use. We built Coursedog first and foremost as a user-centric platform because we noticed poor user experience was something many vendors in Higher Ed had largely taken for granted. Our interface is intuitive and inviting, and was designed with a self-service ethos; you shouldn't have to be technically proficient or reliant on support or even a manual to know how to use Coursedog, regardless of whether you're an infrequent faculty member filling out a proposal from time to time, or a deeply-involved administrator facilitating a high degree of customization to meet your business needs.

Why is usability so important? For one, curriculum platforms are only valuable insofar as they're actually adopted on campus. If faculty or administrators have to ask for help every time they use the tool, which is fairly infrequently, they're unlikely to continue doing so.

Moreover, the purpose of a curriculum and catalog tool is, in part, to save time and drive efficiencies on campus, especially when the alternative is a form-based, manual process. Hours spent with support and IT to accomplish seemingly basic things like reconfiguration of workflows or forms do the opposite.

As easy as Coursedog is to use, we hope the below sections demonstrate that we've spared no expense in making the platform powerful.

Flexible data model

Because Coursedog is built on a modern tech stack (Mongo DB and Vue.JS for any interested IT folk), users are able to exercise a greater level of customization and control over their instance without having to loop in customer support or a vendor's dev team, and can do so in an environment fully integrated with their SIS.

As a result, our partners are able to execute truly granular levels of customization in order to accommodate their existing business processes. From workflows powered by any and all fields on your curricular forms, to dynamic form routing and smart fields, Coursedog is equipped to foster efficiency and accountability, and to prevent errors in your curricular processes.

Powerful forms

We touched previously on dynamic form routing and smart fields on forms. These two pieces of functionality are really important in our view, and set us apart from some of our legacy competitors.

Dynamic form routing empowers administrators to get their end-users in front of the right form 100% of the time, preventing the all-too-frequent challenge of forms routed to committee, only for committee members to realize that faculty completed the wrong form.

Smart fields provide a personalized, role-based experience for each of your users. Coursedog allows you to enable/disable editing/viewing access by role in real time based on the values entered on a form, or to auto-populate certain values or ask questions conditionally based on the information that's been provided in real time. This functionality renders your forms more flexible and powerful, and means more information can be collected for review throughout the process.

Degree Maps

Coursedog Curriculum provides a degree map builder that is both highly structured and legible for student access, yet flexible in the logic and content that compose it. These degree maps can then be pulled into the Catalog and updated automatically.

Our solution also boasts a complete integration with DegreeWorks SEP, meaning you can build potential paths to completion in Coursedog, and push them seamlessly to DegreeWorks.

DegreeWorks and requisite builder

Coursedog is the only solution on the market that hosts a 100% integration with DegreeWorks, meaning we can read and write scribe to reflect program requisites. Moreover, we provide multiple requisite builders of varying technical intensity; these can be permissioned by role so your users can interface with functionality that meets their level of technical expertise (scribers with scribe code, other end-users with a guided requisite builder).

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