End-to-End Academic Scheduling

Part of the academic & event scheduling solution, this is not just a simple room scheduling tool. Enforce policies, optimize departmental workflows, project demand & optimize rooms in one place. Integrated in real time with your SIS.

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Why an Integrated Platform Makes Sense

It's the most cost-efficient way to streamline processes and bolster student success.

Student-Centric Scheduling

Offer the courses students need by predicting student demand and monitoring enrollment in real-time.

Streamlined Workflows & Processes

Eliminate manual data entry, surface best fit times, instructors, and rooms, and automate policy enforcement.

People & Space Resource Optimization

Auto-assign courses to the optimal room based on instructor preferences, room features, & student need.

A Scheduling Platform as Intuitive as it is Powerful


Project student demand

Offer the right courses, seats, and sections to accelerate student success

Are you rolling or rebuilding the same broken schedule, making hundreds of manual adjustments and calling IT to run reports?

Coursedog provides analytics such as course demand projections, primetime hour distribution reports and registration monitoring to identify high-impact section offering adjustments to improve campus financial health & accelerate student success.


Eliminate errors

Automatically enforce scheduling policies for effective schedule distribution

Get alerts when schedulers make errors, such as accidentally scheduling a keystone Biology class at the same time as a Chemistry class, or bundling up sections during peak hours.

Auto-enforce rules so that departmental editors can't ask for space when none is available, and you can enforce standard time blocks and prevent double-booked rooms.


Quickly process requests

Handle requests for exceptions with one click.

Paperless workflows allow administrators to have oversight and control over all change requests.

A ticketing system creates one-click change accommodations and lets you automate late change and rule exception requests.


Grant role-based access

Role-based permissions ensure the right people are involved at the right times

Scheduling timelines can dictate when particular team members get access to the platform and areas they can access at different points of the scheduling cycle.

Advanced, dynamic, and phase or workflow-dependent permissioning to ensure the right information is completed by the right folks 100% of the time.


Configure the integration

Real time, bi-directional syncs with your SIS

Coursedog's bi-directional SIS integration has two major design philosophies: self-serviceable and configurable.

Determining the source of truth for your data and the sync frequency of your integration are easily determined by a user-friendly integration dashboard. No code or support necessary.


Manage preferences

Consider & accommodate faculty preferences automatically

Seamlessly collect and integrate faculty preferences directly into the section and room scheduling preferences.

Gather data on preferred and conflict times, room requirements, back-to-back time preferences, course requests, and more.

Course scheduling is part of the integrated academic and event scheduling solution.