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A single source of truth for strategic enrollment analytics & student demand reporting – from enrollment trends to demand projections & cost analysis.

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Bring Enrollment & Degree Audit Data Full Circle


Project Course Demand

Degree Audit Integration

Predict & Offer the Courses Students Need

Coursedog predicts course demand based on historical enrollment trends, pathway data, degree audit information and students known plans.

Tap into all of your campus data to identify sections that will become overfilled or underutilized in advance of registration. Eliminate student bottlenecks to increase degree velocity, and improve section margins by cutting un-needed sections and expanding overfilled sections.


Benchmark & Improve

Powerful, Global Reports

Leverage Real-Time Reports from a Single Source of Truth.

Coursedog provides dozens of reports which enable administrators to better understand how they are scheduling.

Popular reports include an ROI dashboard to understand how much money Coursedog has saved your campus, benchmarking your institution against other campuses, revenue and breakeven analysis for your programs and, student time conflict projections.


Monitor Registration

No more back-and-forth

Registration Monitoring Means Efficient Resource Allocation, and Happy Students

Track registration in realtime to gain insight into how quickly courses are filling up so you can determine whether to adjust section offerings.

Powerful in-app communication and filtering allows you to seamlessly collaborate on important sections, and use Coursedog Section Scheduler to make adjustments with one click. Define thresholds for notifications, for example, when a class fills to 90%, to ensure all stakeholders are in the loop.



No more back-and-forth

Design Pathways to Guide Student Progress and to Simplify Predictive Reporting

Build and maintain pathways seamlessly, and report on them in a way that makes the most of your data and drives retention and completion.

Read & write program requirements from your degree audit platform.

Enrollment & Operating Analytics Made Easier for All

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