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Part of the integrated curriculum and catalog solution, Coursedog's online course catalog allows institutions to easily create, organize and publish branded, student-centric course catalogs, handbooks & campus policies.

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Boost Enrollment & Brand with a Beautiful, Custom Catalog

Build a catalog that reflects your institutional identity and image. Anything that can be on a normal webpage, whether it's social media share functionality or special styling for your university, can be built into our catalog.

Coursedog also provides a seamless Google Analytics integration & SEO optimization services help to attract more engaged visitors to your website, bringing more revenue to your university. All catalogs published with Coursedog are fully responsive, accessible and ADA compliant.



Create an Accurate Catalog in Half of the Time

Easily create, organize and publish course, program, learning outcome and other information online in real-time. Seamlessly update catalog data in an intuitive content editor and make changes to the catalog without needing to call customer support.

Coursedog's catalog also enables you to pull data automatically from Coursedog's curriculum management software and send updates to the SIS, eliminating manual, duplicate error-prone data entry.



No more back-and-forth

Manage Catalog Changes with a Click

Are you manually reviewing changes to the catalog semester over semester? Making the same updates dozens of times?

Coursedog automates this process by routing requested page changes to the appropriate decision-maker, and executing  updates universally upon approval.

The online course catalog is part of the integrated curriculum and catalog management tool.

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