Make the Most of Campus Space by Taking Your Events to the Next Level

Streamline the event request process with configurable forms, manage risk and communication with automatic notification approvals, and seamlessly promote events in one platform. Build custom websites to publicize your events & space, boosting revenue & brand.

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Optimize Academic and Event Scheduling

Retain a Visible, Friendly, Single Source of Truth for Events on Campus

Drive campus engagement and activity with an event platform that's easy to use and accessible to students.

Coursedog provides a seamless, user-friendly way to streamline event planning and advertising.

Automatically Notify all Stakeholders of Relevant Event Information

Tired of back and forth emails to coordinate event details or prevent booking conflicts?

With Coursedog, when an event is approved, you can automatically notify all stakeholders of the information they need to know to make the event a success.

You can send out custom email notifications, calendar invites, service orders, contracts or invoices. If someone requests a change, all relevant stakeholders will be notified via email.

Make it Easy to Leverage Campus Resources

Empower students, sponsors, and campus groups to make the most of their time on campus by giving them a simple tool to do so.

Coursedog seamlessly ensures the right people can request the right rooms or resources, and that they're equippedwith the best information in the process.

Role-Based Permissions Ensure the Right People are Involved at the Right Times

Involve people in the process in a way that makes sense for your campus. Coursedog's flexible and dynamic role-based access control provides you with the granularity you need to make the process as smooth, efficient, and accurate as possible.

The Information You Need at Your Finger Tips

Easily filterable and customizable reporting provides the insight you need into your space and resource utilization.

Class Scheduling Made Easier for All

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