All-In-One Curricular Success Platform

Our products were designed to work together. We are the only solution that manages schedule optimization, curriculum and catalog management in one platform. Driving efficiencies across campus to improve student success.

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Built in Partnership with Forward-Looking Campuses


Create a Single Source of Curriculum & Schedule Data

Create a single source of truth for all of your curriculum and schedule planning data. With Coursedog, you can:

- Eliminate conflicts and errors by creating a master calendar for all curriculum & scheduling processes.
- Create a single source of truth and have a clear audit trail for all changes to curriculum and schedule information.  
- Make a change to a course or program and it will automatically update your catalog, SIS and schedule.

Save Time and See Better Results by Uniting Campus around a Single Partner

Save months of valuable staff time by maintaining one vendor partnership and one SIS integration. Our single implementation allows you to unite teams around campus with our project manager so they can stay in sync on the project and save an additional 4-6 months.

Train users faster by uniting learning around one platform. Our products use the same underlying concepts, and look and feel the same, so you won’t have to train your team on multiple platforms.

Best of all: our all-in-one partners are given a seat on our product advisory committee. This means you'll have a significant say in the direction of our product, and we will feel more like a partner than a vendor.


All-in-One Curriculum Success Insights

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