Create a Beautiful, Accurate Catalog Faster.

Easily create, organize and publish interactive catalog information online in real-time with Coursedog. Make a change in one place and it is updated everywhere.

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2020 Market Leader for Institutions of All Shapes & Sizes

"I was so surprised that the catalog seamlessly flowed with the DBU website, it didn't look foreign like something stuck in there, it looked like it was part of our site which was a pleasant surprise"

John Masserini - Provost
Mindy Barrett
Professor at Dallas Baptist University

“I wanted a cloud-based solution that included catalog, scheduling, and eventually curriculum that wasn’t going to be a lot of work for our IT staff because it's a small team and pulled in many directions. That was the big draw for Coursedog.”

John Masserini - Provost
Jenn Creech
Registrar and vice president at Chaminade University

"The catalog launched right along with the new website, and there were a lot of compliments. People thought the catalog was actually part of the website.”

Gabriela Wanless - Assistant Registrar
Steve Young
CIO at Blue Ridge Community College

"Coursedog has outperformed... they are very responsive...  it is money in the bank for our business needs."

Laura Patrick
registrar at Laguna College

Create an Accurate Catalog in Half of the Time.

Easily create, organize and publish course, program, learning outcome and other information online in real-time. Seamlessly update catalog data in an intuitive content editor and make changes to the catalog without needing to call customer support.

Coursedog's catalog also enables you to pull data automatically from Coursedog's curriculum management software and send updates to the SIS, eliminating manual, duplicate error-prone data entry.

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Empower Students with Critical Information

Coursedog provides a variety of tools to help students navigate the catalog. Campus administrators can seamlessly create structured yet flexible degree maps on the catalog to help students plan their schedules. Administrators can also display learning outcomes, create student handbooks and provide powerful individualized course recommendations to students.

Boost Enrollment & Brand with a Beautiful, Custom Catalog

Build a catalog that reflects your institutional identity and image. Anything that can be on a normal webpage, whether it's social media share functionality or special styling for your university, can be built into our catalog.

Coursedog also provides a seamless Google Analytics integration & SEO optimization services help to attract more engaged visitors to your website, bringing more revenue to your university. All catalogs published with Coursedog are fully responsive, accessible and ADA compliant.

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SIS, Degree Audit, SSO, GSuite,& Outlook Integrations.

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