The End-to-End Class Schedule Planning Platform.

Offer the right courses, seats and sections, enforce scheduling policies, automatically make the perfect room, exam & hyflex assignments and monitor registration — integrated tightly with your SIS.

2020 Market Leader for Institutions of All Shapes & Sizes

"Previously, we used a product for  scheduling that felt outdated & lacked caring customer services. With Coursedog, the product looks good and our interactions  make us feel like they genuinely care."

Joseph Hickman - Registrar
Trevor King
Registrar at southeastern baptist theological seminary

"Coursedog's scheduling software implementation was smooth and the product is fantastic."

John Masserini - Provost
Stella Turk
University Registrar at SUNY New Paltz

"Curriculum, catalog scheduling & events management were previously done by hand at DBU... we thought we were looking for 3 products and we found one product that did them all. All of the products work together... and it's interconnected & exciting.

Gabriela Wanless - Assistant Registrar
matt Winn
CIO at dallas baptist university

"Coursedog has outperformed... they are very responsive...  it is money in the bank for our business needs."

Laura Patrick
registrar at Laguna College

Offer the Right Courses, Seats and Sections to Accelerate Student Success.

Are you rolling or rebuilding the same broken schedule, making hundreds of manual adjustments and calling IT to run reports?

Coursedog provides reporting & analytics such as course demand projections, primetime hour distribution reports and registration monitoring to identify high-impact section offering adjustments to improve campus financial health & accelerate student success.

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Automatically Enforce Scheduling Policies to Enable an Effective Schedule Distribution.

Stressing about scheduling errors that could result in double bookings, registration issues or room bottlenecks? 

Coursedog provides an interface so that departmental editors can make edits to the schedule directly. Our system provides alerts when schedulers make errors: such as accidentally scheduling a keystone Biology class at the same time as a Chemistry class or bundling up sections during peak hours.

Other examples of popular rules include ensuring that departmental editors can not ask for space when there is none available, enforcing standard time blocks and preventing double booked rooms.


Improve Space Utilization & Save Time with One-Click Room Assignments.

Manually making all of your room, exam & hyflex assignments? Concerned about a lack of space on campus?

Coursedog's algorithm auto-assigns courses to rooms based on course size, equipment requirements, seating layout and instructor-led preferences.

Unlike traditional optimization algorithms, Coursedog's optimizer works for most of our campus partners the first time that they try it. We prevent the problem of bad-data-in bad-data-out by pre-health checking the data to ensure that departmental requests can be accepted into the optimization, saving you hundreds of hours of after the fact room negotiation.

Handle Requests for Exceptions with One Click

Scrolling through emails from faculty inquiring about last minute changes? Wasting time staring at a room chart with registration quickly approaching?

Coursedog provides a workflow system to ensure that after-the-fact changes and exception requests are reviewed by the right person at the right time. We also provide a built-in commenting system and notification engine so that users can easily collaborate on schedule changes, eliminating tedious back & forth emails.

At the end of the scheduling process and when after-the-fact adjustments are approved, all data is synced back to the SIS.


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SIS, Degree Audit, SSO, GSuite,& Outlook Integrations.

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