Introducing Coursedog Campus.

Tired of using paper, Google Forms and PDF's? Coursedog's powerful yet flexible form & workflow builder makes accelerating digital transformation on campus a breeze.

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Selected Coursedog Campus Use Cases


Automate Tedious, Manual Form-Based Processes to Ensure Accuracy

Coursedog Campus allows campus administrators to seamlessly create powerful yet intuitive, responsive digital forms: such as change of major forms or graduation request forms. These forms are smart so that they prevent all potential errors that faculty may make, eliminating frustrating submission of inaccurate data. One of our campus partners saw a 95% reduction in the amount of errors made during submissions.

Once a form is submitted, with Coursedog's workflow system you can easily route the form to the correct approver & notify the appropriate stakeholders. Data is then saved in a configurable reporting dashboard, allowing campus administrators to track in progress & completed form submissions.

Eliminate Curriculum Data Siloes with Configurable Reporting.

Coursedog provides a suite of reporting tools to make tracking forms changes a breeze. In Coursedog, administrators can create a custom report of any individual field. Administrators can see all of the changes that have happened over time, view all active & stalled proposals, and download configurable form reports to CSV or PDF.


All in a platform that faculty will love to use, and that admins can customize with ease.

Coursedog provides a platform that faculty can navigate intuitively and won't have to re-learn every year. Built on a modern, flexible infrastructure, Coursedog can be customized to support the unique needs of any institution. No code or IT necessary.

SIS, Degree Audit, SSO, GSuite,& Outlook Integrations.

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