Simple, Modern Curriculum Management.

Coursedog's curriculum management platform helps your institution eliminate paper and PDF-based approval processes and provides actionable insights to improve student outcomes.

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Built in Partnership with Forward-Looking Campuses


Automate Tedious, Manual Form-Based Processes to Ensure Accuracy

With Coursedog's workflow builder you can easily setup approval workflows, create automated alerts and provide visibility into who needs to do what and when.

No more email, spreadsheets or phone calls to make sure curriculum changes are approved and documented accurately.

Establish A Single Source of Truth for Accountability & Visibility

Create a single source of truth for all of your curriculum and schedule planning data. Highlight dependencies and requirements to ensure students can persist and graduate.

Maintain a single, exportable audit log of all curricular changes to automate reporting for accreditors and produce custom exports for state bodies.


Use powerful reporting to boost student success

Track learning outcomes to keep students on track. Create configurable degree maps and recommended degree sequences to improve degree velocity. Easily monitor proposals and export impact and bottleneck reports to proactively identify where issues may occur.

All in a platform that faculty will love to use, and that admins can customize with ease.

Coursedog provides a platform that faculty can navigate intuitively and won't have to re-learn every year.

Built on a modern, flexible infrastructure, Coursedog can be customized to support the unique needs of any institution. No code or IT necessary.

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Advanced Features

Syllabus Management, Policy Management
Automatic Agendas
Role-based access control

Real-time, bi-directional integrations with any SIS and your existing systems.

Oracle Peoplesoft

    All Ellucian SIS

  Homegrown SIS

    Jenzabar SIS

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