Create Better Events to Drive More Revenue & Student Success.

Streamline the event request process with configurable forms, manage risk and communication with automatic notification approvals, and seamlessly promote events in one platform.


Modern Platform with 100% Retention


Customize Event Requests and Approvals

Stop running around campus tracking proposals and bring transparency to your event request process with customizable steps unique to your institution.

We provide configurable, dynamic forms to ensure relevant and quality submissions, and eliminate the collection of unnecessary information. You can route these forms through workflows so that
administrators can easily track event requests and take action.

Auto-Notify all Stakeholders of Relevant Event Information

Tired of back and forth emails to coordinate event details or handle event changes? 

With Coursedog, when an event is approved, you can automatically notify all stakeholders of the information they need to know to make your event a success. You can send out custom email notifications, calendar invites, service orders or invoices. If someone requests a change, it will automatically update all relevant stakeholders of the change through email.

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Increase Attendance to Events with Promotions

Tired of offering events that no one realizes are happening? Coursedog allows you to promote your events so that they will be a success.

You can create a configurable master calendar so that students can see all events across campus, promote featured events, sync events with GCal or Outlook or share events on social media.

Improve your Event Strategy with Powerful Reporting

Want to generate more revenue from your events or increase participation but not sure how? 

Coursedog provides powerful out-of-box reports to track attendance, participation and engagement. It even provides recommendations about where you could charge more or what events you should try to offer more of.

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Advanced Features

Public booking portal to display available space across campus.
Track inventory and resources in realtime.
Tightly integrated with external payments systems, Coursedog Class Schedule Planning, GSuite Outlook, and your SIS.
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