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Higher ed continuity planning software must address both business and academic needs. Coursedog is a continuity planning suite designed for the unique academic and business continuity planning needs of colleges and universities.

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Get Stakeholders to Develop a Plan

When planning for continuity, academic continuity cannot be overlooked, and it may even be the most mission-critical planning you do.

How will you continue research & instructions when a disruptive event such as a pandemic or an earthquake occurs? Which courses have the most significant impact on time to graduation? Do courses require specialized resources or logistics? Are you prepared to protect on-going research projects?

Coursedog gives you a complete, accurate, and accessible plan for each department whether it is a business or an academic department.

Slice, Dice and Connect your Data Seamlessly

Coursedog provides structured data within the software and a set of meaningful reports enabling consistent planning and accurate reporting.

Managing continuity plans across multiple departments can be time-consuming and tedious. Coursedog provides insights into the plan development progress right from the dashboard.


Get Everyone Onboard

You're tasked with more than just continuity planning, you're planning to keep people safe, and to minimize disruption of the most critical elements of your mission. Often, continuity planning experts reside in one office while department, system, and process experts reside within each department. Coursedog connects people and expertise virtually to efficiently utilize everyone's expertise while minimizing time away from teaching, researching, and keeping the lights on.

Real-time, bi-directional integrations with any SIS and your existing systems.

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