Class & Curriculum Planning Software
For California Community Colleges

Coursedog believes community colleges are foundational to the American economic and educational systems. By helping a diverse set of students achieve their academic and professional goals, CCs facilitate upward mobility and accessibility for all, aspirations that we share.

Coursedog supports community colleges adopt an affordable, intuitive platform that eases administrative processes in order to achieve these ends. Please get in touch to learn more about our community college discount.

Our Partners

Align Academic Services With Student Success

Predict student demand in order to offer the courses students need to graduate, automate scheduling policies that promote pathway progression, and adopt a single south of truth for curriculum in order to remove hidden requirements that hinder retention and completion.

Streamlining processes means putting students first.


Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Spreadsheets

By integrating bidirectionally with your SIS, Coursedog eliminates the need to enter data manually in spreadsheets and multiple systems, saving admins and deans countless labor hours.

Stop tracking registration, scheduling conflicts, and curricular proposals manually, and spend more time on program development and student services.


Reduce Excess Costs & Increase Tuition Yields

Cut under-enrolled sections and expand those in high-demand dynamically so that your operating costs are better geared toward solely what students need; improve space utilization, process efficiency, and empower students with critical information to persist.