Build the Perfect Class Schedule. Built for Professional Schools.

Satisfy faculty requests, maximize facility utilization, avoid student conflicts and optimize and create a schedule that is better than manually produced schedules.

Professional School Market Leader in 2020.

Optimize The Schedule With One Click

Tired of angry faculty requests, handling limited space on campus and juggling student conflicts and cohorts? 

Coursedog's optimizer auto-assigns course times and rooms based on faculty preferences, course sizes, equipment requirements & seating layout.

Finally your faculty will look at you as the hero, you'll maximize your finite space, and be able to take that vacation you've been dreaming of.


No Errors. Guaranteed.

Worried about conflicts during registration or assignments that faculty don't agree with? 

Coursedog provides alerts when errors are found in the schedule and recommends the best alternative while taking in faculty, room and other preferences.

No more staring at room grids, calls from angry faculty or panic during registration.

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