Build the Perfect Class Schedule. Built for Professional Schools.

Enforce scheduling policies, handle faculty preferences and automatically make the perfect time and room assignments — integrated tightly with your systems.

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Professional School Market Leader in 2019.

Automatically Enforce Cohorts & Policies

Stressing about scheduling errors that could result in messed up cohorts, registration issues or room bottlenecks? 

Coursedog provides alerts when schedulers make errors: such as being out of compliance your scheduling policies, scheduling two classes together that should not be at the same time, or double-booking.


Automatic, Perfect Time & Room Assignments

Manually making all of your time & room assignments and stressing about a lack of space on campus? 

Coursedog's algorithm auto-assigns courses to time and rooms based on faculty preferences, course size, equipment requirements & seating layout. You save on average $31,000 by not having to purchase more space and save your planning team an average of 71 hours.

Handle Requests for Exceptions with One Click

Scrolling through emails from faculty asking to last minute changes and wasting time staring at a room chart with registration quickly approaching?

Coursedog provides a ticketing system and recommendation engine so you can accommodate change and exception requests with one click.You can save on average 15 hours per term and build better relationships with faculty in the process.


Advanced Features

Instructor preference forms
Analytics for space & time utilization
Support for SIS or CSV Import and Single Sign-On
Auto-assess and monitor faculty load
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