Class Scheduling Benefits for Academic Leadership

Ensure your course schedule is best suited to accomplish the institution's strategic priorities and to meet the needs of students. Coursedog provides an end-to-end solution that eliminates administrative inefficiencies and promotes cost-efficient and student-centric outcomes.

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Offer the Right Courses, Seats and Sections & Track Scheduling ROI

Leverage historical enrollment data and real-time registration monitoring to ensure course offerings are best suited to drive degree velocity and to generate ROI.


Room optimization and reporting analytics to drive space utilization, operating efficiency, and student success

Coursedog's algorithm automatically generates optimal room assignments based on seat utilization and course, instructor, and student need. Glean insight into your operating efficiencies with  robust reporting native to the platform.


Reduce excess costs and increase tuition yields

By dynamically flagging over and under-enrolled sections in real time during registration, Coursedog helps schools better align resources to student need, reducing instructor costs in the case of under-enrolled sections, and increasing tuition yields by strategically expanding those that are over-enrolled.


Foster student-centric and data-driven course scheduling

Ensure your course schedule, and the process that guides it, is strategically designed to promote the needs and interest of the institution and its students.