Class Scheduling Benefits for Registrars

Coursedog empowers registrars to manage room and section scheduling with ease and accuracy. By integrating with your SIS, eliminating manual data entry, automating policy enforcement, dynamically routing exception and late change requests, and automatically optimizing room assignments, Coursedog is built for registrars.

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Eliminate scheduling errors with automatic policy enforcement

Coursedog provides real-time data and policy validation at the section and department level based on standard and custom scheduling rules, meaning schedules are vetted for accuracy and compliance automatically before they hit your desk. Save time cross referencing clunky, mis-formatted spreadsheets.


Automatic room optimization based on section, faculty, and student need

Generate optimal room and time assignments based on customizable optimization criteria, including course requirements, professor needs, and resource demands.


Handle late change and rule exception requests with one click

Dynamic workflows route to a request dashboard to streamline flurries of disparate emails and phone calls. Approve, reject, or suspend requests with one click


Preference forms, demand analytics & calendars. All to make you a faculty hero

Improve the scheduling process across campus by better aligning faculty preferences and availability with student need.