No Code Customization

Helping Every Institution Succeed

Coursedog's easy to use interface was designed with maximum flexibility to promote institutional agility and innovation for schools of all shapes and sizes.

If your processes and curriculum are dynamic, the technology that supports them should be, too.

Custom code is a short term solution

Custom code results in an environment set up to support your processes solely at the time of implementation. Changes in process and academia, or upgrades to the software itself, will be expensive to weather and difficult to scale.

Configuration will last

That's why we set out to create a no-code tool that will support every flavor of scheduling, curriculum, catalog, and event management during implementation and beyond, making it easier for your team to drive process enhancements on your own terms.

Coursedog Ensures Long-Term, Cost-Efficient Success


Intuitive interface to empower end users

Our easy-to-use, powerful interface enables you to make changes to your environment like form customizations, workflow adjustments, and integration settings without needing to loop in functional or technical support. Stop waiting on a response from vendors and custom development projects when you need to make a change.


Flexible data model to facilitate configurability

Our flexible data model allows your institution to build and make updates to critical elements of your administrative processes, like forms and workflows, without custom code. Re-configurations of your environment shouldn't require engineering.

Why Configurability Makes the Difference

Make enhancements to fuel innovation

With an intuitive and user friendly interface your team can rely on Coursedog to enable enhancements rather than hinder them.

Eliminate costs associated with process changes

When adjusting your environment is cost-free your team can make process decisions based solely on what is right for your institution.

Respond to change quickly

With a platform that is flexible beyond go-live your team can quickly and efficiently implement necessary changes to remain agile.

Some things that don't require support...

Create new & custom fields on forms

Easily drag and drop new fields using Coursedog's form builder

Add new forms & facilitate form routing

Adding a new form and ensuring it's routed accordingly takes a few clicks

Update workflows

Quickly configure dynamic approval routing, enforce deadlines, and notify stakeholders

Roll terms & add new terms

Roll the course schedule on a field by field basis in Coursedog; add new terms with a click

Customize smart fields

Seamlessly set up smart fields to auto-populate information, ask dynamic follow-ups, or enable downstream editing

Configure reporting

Configurable reporting means you can structure analytics in a way that makes sense for your campus

Design course, section, program & room templates

Coursedog doesn't impose any definitions, and empowers you to choose what fields compose these objects

Manage your integration settings

Leverage Coursedog's integration dashboard to specify integration filters, sync frequencies, and sources of truth

Meaningfully design your catalog

100% of catalog design can be accomplished via Coursedog; it's more than a content management system