Coursedog For Ellucian Colleague

Higher education’s broadest, native Colleague integration for academic operations. Colleague Direct & Ethos integrations based on Ellucian best practices.

The Market Leader in Academic Operations | Serving 200+ Campuses with 2M+ Students

Tightest Colleague Integration, Less Work for IT

Ellucian Best Practices

As an Ellucian Partner, we integrate directly through Colleague APIs or the Ethos-validated solution – both deployed based on Ellucian best practices.

In-House Expertise

With dedicated in-house Ellucian Colleague expertise, we offer the broadest integration in the market with a direct, up-to-real-time integration.

Take the Load Off IT

No-code maintenance for end users & a simple integration dashboard ensures less work for IT.

No More Flat File Mayhem

With a validated integration with Ellucian Ethos & direct database exposure via API, we’ve successfully deployed this integration with on premise and hosted/cloud solutions. Both solutions are built to follow Ellucian designation best practice standards in mind around architecture & security.

“We chose Coursedog because it actually integrated with all the fields we needed such as cross-enrolled & linked sections and eliminated our flat-file mayhem. Our IT doesn't even need to worry about Coursedog.”

- Coursedog Colleague Ethos Institutional Partner

Automate Your Colleague Syncs

As the broadest native, up-to-realtime Colleague integration on the market, you can eliminate much of your manual, duplicate data entry for end users & save IT time.

Our Ethos-validated solution goes above baseline to install extensions to support a full integration

The Direct integration is through custom subroutines – optimal for customized, or non-Ethos enabled institutions

All data exchanges are handled through REST APIs that are exposed through our middleware

Highly Configurable, Not Highly-Customized

We understand each institution is unique. Your system and needs will be addressed with a holistic, best practices approach.

GET & POST schedule & curriculum planning data into Colleague

Technical discovery & data workbook sessions help us understand your needs

Configuration recommendations based on best practices

No Code, Simple Configuration

A simple integration dashboard & high degree of configurability ensures IT does not need to get involved in every issue.

User activity log to audit system-wide user activity

Simple integration dashboard

Controlled admin access through SSO

Integrated Academic Operations

Academic planning analytics, curriculum & catalog management, academic & event scheduling, and a student pathways planner & advising dashboard with a single, bi-directional integration with Colleague.

A single platform for academic operations

Ensure accuracy across the curriculum lifecycle

Break down barriers that can inhibit student pathways to completion

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by uniting campus around a single partner

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