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Every Coursedog institutional partner has access to our best practices, integration experts, guided implementations, and ongoing success coaching – no hidden fees to get the guidance you need to successfully implement and adopt our platform.

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We Take Your Data & Best Practices
to Guide Your Success

Data Analysis & Integration

Expediting implementation by prioritizing the integration of your data into Coursedog, led by an expert in your specific SIS.

Tailored Configuration

Your baseline environment is best practices-ready. We'll help configure your custom business processes & spot opportunities for improvement.

Success Coaching

Ongoing success coaching on how Coursedog can support you in meeting your business goals.

The Market Leader in Academic Operations | Serving 140+ Campuses with 1.2M Students

"The relationship with the people at Coursedog has been one of mutual understanding and respect. Our sense of urgency, concern, interest, and desire to learn is matched by the team."

John Carroll University

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Data Analysis & Integration

Expediting implementation by prioritizing the integration of your data into Coursedog, led by an expert in your specific SIS. A data-informed model helps you identify:

  • Where are we today?

  • How do we compare to others?

  • Where are there opportunities for improvement?

“They are one of the most responsive ed tech vendors I have worked with.”

Northern Arizona University

Configuration & Tailored Change Management

Your baseline environment is best practices-ready. We help you configure your custom business processes & spot opportunities for improvement. Goals-focused configuration based on best practices & improvement opportunities:

  • Improve the efficacy and efficiency of operations

  • Facilitate interdepartmental collaboration

“We couldn't have asked for a more competent and kind project manager.”

Columbia Business School

Ongoing Success Coaching

Dedicated ongoing account management that prioritizes the analysis of your institution’s usage of Coursedog and how it is supporting your business goals – proactive opportunity spotting and strategic check-ins to analyze your progress.

  • How are we improving, tracking on our stated project goals?

  • How are other institutions solving for similar change management, process-specific challenges we’re having?

  • How can we best support your users to fully, and strategically adopt Coursedog?

“Great product & excellent service. Very impressed!”

Trocaire College

Frequently Asked Questions

How do institutional partners participate and have input into new functionality?

Coursedog partners are able to provide their feedback and ideas on new functionality directly to their Customer Success Managers or by submitting a suggestion directly via the knowledge base.

Additionally, Coursedog researchers conduct surveys and interviews continuously with different user groups to explore their needs, insights, and ideas on their professional roles and how the Coursedog platform can continue to evolve to improve their experiences and drive more value out of the adoption of these solutions.

What self-learning resources are available?

Coursedog provides a robust public knowledge base for administrators and end users. We have in-app learning tools, videos, and more that are provided during implementation.

How does Coursedog show commitment to our partners?

Coursedog is committed to personal relationships with our partners – from sharing best practices, regular training sessions, and customized learning materials – your institution will feel the impact of the Coursedog Commitment well before, and way beyond your implementation project. This commitment is demonstrated through:
  • The organization of free webinars for our partner institutions that demonstrate best practices, optimized business processes, and industry trends.
  • A Customer Advisory Board of 12 institutional partners, membership rotates annually, that provides strategic input on the company’s roadmap and future direction.
  • A dedication to industry partnerships (AACRAO, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, local/regional consortiums) and research firms to bring the latest research and best practices to our partners.
  • Professional development and industry expert strategy sessions for Coursedog employees so they can continue to develop their skills in order to continuously improve the quality of our products and services.
  • A robust knowledge base and in-product training materials that emphasizes on-demand help that complements the synchronous customer success communication channels.
  • A transparent roadmap development process and dedication to sharing progress and milestones that have been committed to and included on the quarter’s roadmap.
  • A bi-weekly new feature release cycle and communication cadence. Every two weeks customers receive an email that summarizes the new features and functionalities along with supportive help documentation.

What technical support resources are available? Do they have scheduled availability times? Are there tiers and costs associated with resource access?

All support, training, and customer service are included with all Coursedog products under the annual license fee. Training is part of the implementation process and is administered by your dedicated project manager. Coursedog does not charge hidden fees.

Learn Best Practices in Academic Operations

AACRAO: Use of Degree Audit and Education Planning Solutions

Results from 650+ higher ed leaders on institutional use degree audit and student planning solutions and associated data for strategic planning.

You’ll learn how to

  • The percentage of undergraduate- and graduate-serving institutions that use degree audit and education planning solutions
  • To what extent stakeholders trust the accuracy of degree audit and education planning solutions
  • How institutions leverage data from degree audit and education planning solutions
Learn more

The Roadmap to Guided Pathways Program Maps

Implementing guided pathways and putting students on the path to program completion is no small feat. Institutions don't have to tackle guided pathways alone though.

You’ll learn how to

  • How data can drive better program map development
  • Why optimized course scheduling is foundational for helping students stay on track for their programs
  • Where accessibility features need to be considered to ensure all students can access program maps
Learn more

Top 5 Reports for Institutional Impact

Coursedog has a number of reports to help our partners achieve institutional goals. Check out our Top 5 Scheduling reports that enable our partners to harness the power of their data.

You’ll learn how to

  • Where to find key automation opportunities in the course scheduling process
  • How to efficiently allocate your faculty and campus space for cost savings
  • Why academic operations data is key to boosting student success
Learn more

Course Scheduling Essentials for Equitable Access & Completion

Course scheduling is a critical tool to keeping students on the path to completion. Help all students access the courses they need to complete their degree.

You’ll learn how to

  • Course scheduling challenges that impact students
  • Course scheduling needs by different student groups
  • Best practices to create a student-centric schedule
Learn more