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Connect policies, workflows, room allocation, faculty assignments, and course demand projections to create optimized schedules designed to serve students.

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60% Fewer Scheduling Bottlenecks
14% Reduction in Overfilled Sections

"Coursedog has provided us with a system to ensure best practices are being utilized for both processes and policies which has assisted in making our course scheduling much more efficient.”

- Ian Wischmeier, University Registrar

Northern Arizona University

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1000+ Hours Saved on Scheduling
100% Reduction in Manual SIS Data Entry

"3 in 5 Students Experience Difficulty Enrolling in the Classes They Need"

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coursedog sits on top of your sis and integrated with major student information system

Best-in-Class Integrations

Coursedog’s modern scheduling tools sit on your SIS and sync changes in real-time.

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Single Source of Scheduling Truth

Create institution-wide visibility and transparency for your academic scheduling needs. Build a unified campus events and academic schedule with Event Scheduling.

Reduce Errors with Rules & Patterns

Accelerate cross-campus collaboration with rules and meeting patterns that keep schedulers aligned with policy.

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Clear Out Conflicts & Bottlenecks

Avoid scheduling errors with built-in alerts. Prevent bottlenecks from blocking key student pathways.

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Manage Faculty Preferences

Collect faculty preferences with forms that integrate with your scheduling requirements.

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Optimize Faculty Workload 
with Dynamic Rules

Proactively manage faculty workload with the dynamic rule builder, so its easy to assign course sections based on custom governance rules.

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Optimize Course Schedules

Build your course schedule with our Section Optimizer. Balance room assignments and features, instructor preferences, and more.

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Respond to Requests

Handle exception requests with a single click.

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Drive Efficiency with Actionable Insights

Leverage actionable reports to see where your academic resources are invested and how to improve their impact.

Project Course Demand with Scheduling Analytics

Add capacity to courses that are likely to be overfilled. Anticipate underfilled sections and re-allocate resources.

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