A Curriculum Management Platform Built for 2021.

Coursedog's curriculum management platform eliminates manual, error-prone paper and PDF-based approval processes and provides actionable insights to improve student outcomes.
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Why Coursedog Curriculum?

Because curriculum software should be intuitive, powerful, and scalable.

Powerful Functionality

Coursedog provides innovative features like degree maps, requisite builders, and smart forms.

Flexible & Easy-to-Use

Don't rely on custom development work or support to optimize your curriculum management.

Configurable Reporting

Glean insight into your curriculum process instantly and the way you need it.

Curriculum Management

A platform that faculty will love, and that you can customize with ease.

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder to Collect the Information You Need. No Code or Support Needed.

Coursedog allows campus administrators to seamlessly create powerful yet intuitive digital curricular change forms, like new course proposals or program change forms.

These forms are smart such that they prevent all potential errors that faculty may make, eliminating frustrating submission of inaccurate data.

Route Proposals Automatically & Notify Stakeholders to Prevent Aging

Dynamic form routing ensures that your users fill out the right forms 100% of the time.

Proposals are then automatically sent to the relevant stakeholders based on highly configurable, self-service workflows. Enforce deadlines, loop in committees, or notify relevant parties when appropriate.

Configurable Reporting Provides Visibility & Accountability

Streamline accreditation efforts by making it easier to compile the curricular insights you need instantaneously.

Coursedog makes tracking curriculum changes a breeze. In Coursedog, users can create a custom report of any course, program, policy or other fields. They can see all of the changes that have happened over time, view all active & stalled proposals, and download configurable reports to CSV or PDF.

Empower Students With the Information They Need to Persist

Coursedog provides a hyper-flexible degree map builder that allows you to design degree plans with a diverse set of criteria, yet in a way that is legible and accessible to students, and easy for administrators to maintain.

Construct Requisites Quickly & Legibly, and Generate Scribe.

Build and maintain requisites seamlessly, and present them in a way students can easily understand.

Coursedog can also read and write scribe, meaning it integrates with your degree audit solution. Save time by auto-generating scribe.

Smart Fields Mean Less Time & No Errors

Coursedog can auto-populate fields or update field visibility and access in real time based on other information users enter.

Our customers tell us this functionality is helpful for auto-populating information to prevent user error, asking dynamic follow-up questions as users fill out forms, and facilitating downstream editing.

Curriculum Management That Will Grow With Your Campus

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