Coursedog For Ellucian Banner

Higher education’s tightest, real-time Banner integration for academic operations. Banner Direct & Ethos integrations based on Ellucian best practices.

The Market Leader in Academic Operations | Serving 200+ Campuses with 2M+ Students

Tightest Banner Integration, Less Work for IT

Ellucian Best Practices

As Ellucian's Partner of the Year, we integrate directly through Banner APIs or the Ethos-validated solution – both deployed based on Ellucian best practices.

In-House Expertise

With dedicated in-house Ellucian Banner expertise, we offer the broadest integration in the market with a direct, up-to-real-time integration. Implement with resources that have worked at or consulted with Banner schools.

Take the Load Off IT

No-code maintenance for end users & a simple integration dashboard ensures less work for IT.

Say Goodbye to Messy Flat Files

With a validated integration with Ellucian Ethos & direct database exposure via API, we’ve successfully deployed this integration with on premise and hosted/cloud solutions. Both solutions are built to follow Ellucian designation best practice standards in mind around architecture & security.

“While several vendors claimed to have a direct Banner integration, we quickly realized that the other vendors were proposing flat file data transfers or limited direct integrations. This would have left our IT team scrambling to get messy flat files into the SIS or our functional admins to manually enter duplicate data into the SIS such as cross-lists and linked sections. Coursedog has completely automated the Banner sync for us… our IT barely even knows Coursedog.”

- Coursedog Banner Direct Institutional Partner

Automate Your Banner Syncs

As the broadest native, up-to-realtime Banner integration on the market, you can eliminate much of your manual, duplicate data entry for end users & save IT time.

All data exchanges are handled through REST APIs that are exposed through our middleware

The direct query model is DBEU compliant and does not require modifications to delivered Banner APIs

Both solutions are compatible with Banner 9.x and backwards compatible for 8.x

Highly Configurable, Not Highly-Customized

We understand each institution is unique. Your system and needs will be addressed with a holistic, best practices approach.

GET & POST schedule & curriculum planning data into Colleague

Technical discovery & data workbook sessions help us understand your needs

Configuration recommendations based on best practices

No Code, Simple Configuration

A simple integration dashboard & high degree of configurability ensures IT does not need to get involved in every issue.

User activity log to audit system-wide user activity

Simple integration dashboard

Controlled admin access through SSO

Integrated Academic Operations

Academic planning analytics, curriculum & catalog management, academic & event scheduling, and a student pathways planner & advising dashboard with a single, bi-directional integration with Banner.

A single platform for academic operations

Ensure accuracy across the curriculum lifecycle

Break down barriers that can inhibit student pathways to completion

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by uniting campus around a single partner

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