Our mission is to break down barriers to opportunity for students

Coursedog is the Academic Operations Platform. Empowering academic administrators to support on-time completions and operational excellence.

Trusted by over 200 Higher Education institutions that serve over 2 million students

Our story

Coursedog's founding story is rooted in the desire to help students achieve their highest goals.

In 2018, Coursedog's co-founders and then college students, Justin Wenig and Nick Diao, were frustrated by how difficult it was to get into the classes they needed to graduate on time.

After speaking with higher education provosts and registrars to better understand how academic scheduling works, they came away with a vision that permeates the company today.

We believe higher education is the world's greatest engine for opportunity...

Higher education is the key to promoting socioeconomic mobility.

A study by the Postsecondary Value Commission found that nearly two-thirds of individuals born into the lowest income bracket who attend college reach the middle class or above. 1

In addition to the expected economic benefits, many individuals report 'wellbeing' as an anticipated outcome of the impact of a postsecondary degree. 2

...however, the value proposition of higher education is under pressure

Despite the opportunity that postsecondary education unlocks, the number of people attributing value to a higher education degree is decreasing. 3

Institutions are struggling to:

Support on-time completions:

Nationally, only 37 percent of students enrolled in higher education institutions will complete their degree. This number is even lower for Black (23 percent), Latinx (24 percent), and low-income learners (26 percent). 4

Institutions have inadvertently created barriers to completion, including: unclear degree pathways, misalignment of programs & academic schedules with student demand and course access issues.

These scheduling barriers to completion are a leading cause of early dropouts.

Operate efficiently:

Legacy institutions struggle to operate efficiently.

Our research shows that university administrators are spending 60% of their time on manual, oftentimes duplicative, data entry and very few have the right data for decision-making.

As an example, the average campus could have 4-6 different tools to support the lifecycle from course proposal to registration, creating manual, duplicate data entry. There is no single source of truth to understand course demand and which degree programs are most cost-effective for the institution.

...and we believe that higher education’s value will become stronger than ever with modern software

Coursedog is an integrated academic operations platform which helps higher ed maximize operational efficiency, innovate with data and accelerate student success.

Today, we partner with 200+ institutions to provide —

Academic Operations Analytics

Curriculum & Catalog Management

Academic & Event Scheduling

accelerating pathways to on-time completion & supporting campus financial health.

...and when our partners succeed, the world changes for the better

Student success

With Coursedog, students can access the information, requirements, and courses they need to complete their programs of study on time.

Eliminate roadblocks and barriers to completion as a result of manual, siloed academic operations.

Help more students complete their programs of study in less time, resulting in a lower financial burden to obtain their credential.

Enable students to reap the return on investment of their higher education in less time.

Institution success

Institutions that adopt Coursedog's integrated platform drive operational efficiencies and move the needle on retention, completion, and operational excellence goals.

Ensure accuracy across the curriculum lifecycle to empower administrators to better serve students.

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by simplifying technology and process stacks to a single, unified platform.

Eliminate hidden requirements that inhibit transparency and completion due to siloed data and operations

Societal success

According to a report by the Postsecondary Value Commission, “Postsecondary value is about both earning a decent wage and building a stronger and fairer democracy,” emphasizing that the benefits of college completion extend beyond the learner themselves.

In its ideal form, higher ed promotes equitable outcomes for students, while also having "a tangible payoff for society in terms of a stronger economy, an increased tax base, a more diverse and prepared workforce across middle- and high-skill jobs, a healthier populace, and less reliance on the federal government."

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Bullet-point for Abby

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