Automatic, Compliant Syllabus Management

Power the syllabus automatically with your curricular source of truth to delight faculty and students; consistent, compliant, and accreditation-ready.

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Built in Partnership with Forward-Looking Campuses

Automate Syllabi Creation to Save Time & Money

Save faculty the pain of creating syllabi manually with auto-populated smart templates on an intuitive platform that affords them autonomy along with the guidance to ensure accuracy and compliance with institutional policies.

Provide students with accurate and accessible syllabi that better highlight requirements and learning outcomes.

Integrate with your LMS to make the process easier on faculty.

Ensure Syllabi Are Compliant, Consistent, & Accreditation Ready

Automatically populate syllabi with information from your curricular source of truth.

Powerful role-based access control lets you determine who can edit every part of the syllabus, and to what extent.


Retain a Syllabus Repository to Help Future Faculty & Students

Archive all syllabi on campus in a central database that's easy to navigate and filter.

Stop wasting time fishing for old syllabi for regulatory and accreditation reviews.

Reporting on Syllabus Completion and Student Engagement

Quickly identify bottlenecks to getting students accurate and compliant syllabi.

Pull filterable reports on syllabi instantaneously for reporting & governance.


Tight, bi-directional integrations with any SIS & SSO

Oracle Peoplesoft

    All Ellucian SIS

  Homegrown SIS

    Jenzabar SIS

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