Integrate with Your Student Information System (SIS)

Syllabus Management Software for Higher Ed

Empower faculty to easily create branded syllabi at a course- and section-level with customizable forms that ensure each one meets institutional policies. Save time on accreditation processes by centralizing syllabus content in one platform, while also offering students key insights for course registration by pushing syllabi directly to your public catalog.

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coursedog sits on top of your sis and integrated with major student information system

Best-in-Class Integrations

Coursedog’s modern syllabus tool sits on your SIS and syncs changes in real-time.

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Align Syllabi with Institutional & Departmental Policies

Customizable forms enable administrators to pre-populate key policy information at both the departmental and institution-wide level across every section.

Equip Faculty to Focus on Syllabus Content

Stop wasting institutional resources on formatting and file management. Facilitate syllabus creation with intuitive software that allows faculty to focus on their teaching materials.

Stay Accreditation-Ready, Always

Standardize your curricular process to ensure section-level syllabi cover details needed for accreditation with effortless exporting.

Drive Updates During Curriculum Management

Push key curricular data, like learning outcomes and program outcomes, into syllabi to ensure accuracy across sections and programs by integrating with our Curriculum Management solution.

Sync Each Syllabus With Your Public Catalog

Push updated syllabi into your Course Catalog with a single click to give students and reviewers easy access.

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