Assessment Management for Higher Education

Unify Assessment Planning

Strengthen faculty engagement with a centralized assessment hub. Reduce administrative burden on educators with automated data collection and set new standards for student success with learning outcomes tracking.

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coursedog sits on top of your sis and integrated with major student information system

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Coursedog’s modern assessment planning tool sits on your SIS and syncs changes in real-time.

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Simplify the Faculty Experience
with Automated Data Collection

Automatically connect assessment data, including learning outcomes and curriculum maps, to courses and programs, eliminating time-consuming manual entry and reducing errors.

Drive Student Success with 
Centralized Learning Outcomes

Track learning outcomes in a centralized solution, ensuring requirements are integrated across courses and departments.

Streamline Accreditation with Customizable Program Maps

Easily understand how learning outcomes drive student progress across every program, so accreditation data is already all in one place.