Academic Operations Analytics

Predictive Insights that
Drive Student Success

Support student success with actionable scheduling and curriculum analytics built for improving operational efficiency and accelerating degree completions.

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“The analytics module was actually one of the reasons that really sold a lot of our departmental staff on Coursedog. Where do we need more seats? I’m really excited for Coursedog analytics to help us determine this not only based on historical enrollment, but also based on which courses were successful for students who completed those degrees.”

Dr. Nichole Mancone Fisher

University Registrar at Texas Christian University
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3 in 5 students aren’t able to enroll in a class they need because it is already full when they try to enroll.

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1 in 3 first-year students would consider leaving their institutions if they can't access the classes they need.

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Coursedog’s catalog management tool sits on your SIS and syncs changes in real-time.

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Scheduling Analytics

Offer the Optimal Number of Sections

Predict course demand to avoid overfilled sections that block student pathways. Identify sections with low demand to redirect and maximize resources.

Access Audit Projections to Understand Student Demand

Leverage up-to-date student audit data to build a schedule tailored to student needs.

Surface Insights Inside Your Scheduling Tool

See where additional sections are needed, or can be reduced, while building the schedule. Enforce section scheduling rules directly in the Scheduling interface based on projected enrollment.

Curriculum Analytics

Identify Risky Course Combinations

Find course pairs that are most likely to prevent student success. Proactively intervene to support affected students.

Optimize for Academic Success with Pathway Analysis

Identify where students are taking excess credits and optimize programs accordingly.

Zero In on Program Attrition Risks

See where students are leaving or changing programs. Intervene before students stop out.

Map the Student Journey for Faster Time to Completion

Analyze completion rates by academic paths and put at-risk students on the fastest path to completion.