The Integrated Academic Operations Platform

Integrated academic and event scheduling, demand analytics, curriculum, catalog, and reporting solutions through a single, bi-directional integration with your SIS.

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Why an Integrated Platform Makes Sense

It's the most cost-efficient way to streamline processes and bolster student success.

A Single Source of Truth

Create a single source of truth for curriculum and scheduling data in order to prevent errors, promote visibility, and provide students with the information they need.

Changes in curriculum, courses, or events are all reflected immediately across campus and in your SIS. Move past hidden requisites, manual data entry, and errors.

One Integration

Adopting a single solution for curriculum success and streamlined administration means one integration for IT to manage, one point of service for training and support, and one contact for legal and billing.

Our partners have saved months in integration and configuration time as a result of working with one vendor as opposed to two or three.

Better Data

Operate in one administrative ecosystem so that data is structured and formatted consistently, making it more leverageable and accessible to all of campus.

Customers that have switched off disparate legacy solutions tell us that they're able to focus more time on students and program development, as they're not manually cleaning data and resolving bridging errors.

But Our Customers Put it Best

Hear how our partners at Dallas Baptist University are aligning processes on campus around a single platform for curricular success.

"Courses are approved through Coursedog's curriculum platform, pushed for publication to the catalog, and are then available to be scheduled in the  scheduling Solution. Finally, the Events platform then knows that the classroom is being used at a given time for the course in question."