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Empowering academic administrators to support student success & operational excellence with integrated academic and event scheduling, course demand projections, curriculum management, and online catalog solutions through a bi-directional integration with your SIS.

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One Source of Truth Supports Student Success

Support On-Time Completions & Operational Excellence through Actionable Insights & Modern Technology

A Single Source of Truth

Save 250+ hours/term while operating in a single, simple, and structed ecosystem that automatically error checks and updates systems in real time.

One Integration

Go from implementing, updating and maintaining multiple third party integrations to just a single and secure integration.

Better Data

Spend less time fixing data and resolving bridging errors. Harness clean data to achieve ~60% fewer scheduling conflicts, and ~14% reduction in overfilled sections.

Our Partners Drive Better Student Outcomes

Hear how our partners at Dallas Baptist University are aligning processes on campus around a single platform for curricular success.

"Courses are approved through Coursedog's curriculum platform, pushed for publication to the catalog, and are then available to be scheduled in the  scheduling Solution. Finally, the Events platform then knows that the classroom is being used at a given time for the course in question."