How Does Coursedog
Compare to the Alternatives?

Academic administrators deserve a powerful, easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to execute student-centric, data-driven, and cost-efficient academic operations. Coursedog sets itself apart as a single platform that helps you to drive operational efficiencies and move the needle on your institution’s enrollment, retention, and graduation goals.

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Option 1: Manual Processes

Today, most institutions rely on manual processes to manage each element of their academic operations. Typically the tools and processes are un-integrated and require duplicate work to ensure data is entered everywhere it needs to be.

The specific tools vary from institution to institution ranging from paper forms to spreadsheets with complex formulas. Ultimately they all mean the same thing — academic administrators spend the bulk of their time doing manual work such as entering data into several sources and manually reviewing documents for accuracy.


Deep knowledge of the process and data because you are so close to the work 


Difficult to have large picture insights which can hinder innovation

Leaves room for errors that require last minute changes that ultimately impact student success

Not scalable

Major reliance on institutional memory/specific individuals 

No accountability/visibility/data-driven decision-making because everything happens in a black box 

Expensive because of manual labor 

Less time can be spent on core focuses and institutional priorities; ie admins can't spend as much time with students

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Option 2: Point Solutions

Institutions may also use various point solutions to handle different aspects of academic operations. Some solutions integrate with the SIS or with another tool; however, many of them do not. Institutions adopt point solutions to streamline workflows, establish a single source of truth, and decrease manual workload, but often wind up in the same place that they started because they're managing multiple, clunky, non-native integrations and are still working in separate places.

Typically schools that rely on a various point solutions will have a one or a few solutions that specialize in specific areas, such as an event scheduling tool, a section scheduling tool, a curriculum management solution, and perhaps an online catalog creator. These tools are linked together either through manual data uploads or some form of an integration.


Ability to select specialized tools to create a suite of solutions that fit your needs


Integration between so many tools can be precarious and unreliable

Significant manual work is still often required to ensure data accuracy across platforms which can lead to the same problems that are found in manual processes

Academic operational data is siloed in different tools and databases that are potentially owned by different teams

Increased costs in implementation, integration, and change management

Multiple points of service for billing/finance, legal, and customer support

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Option 3: Integrated Academic Operations

Coursedog’s Integrated Academic Operations platform offers an ideal alternative to both the manual and the disparate solutions with a single platform solution for academic operations that includes a bi-directional integration with your SIS.

This easy-to-use solution includes tools for Academic and Event Scheduling; Curriculum and Catalog Management; and Course Demand Analytics. With Coursedog's tools, institutions make it easier for their administrators to break down barriers and enable greater student success.


Simplify and streamline your processes with a single platform that helps you save time

Reduce the number of last minute changes that affect your students

Manage one contract and learn one tool for all your academic operations needs

Dig into the big picture with course demand and analytics built right into the tool


Implementing a single platform can require a significant time investment

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The Top Reasons Your Institution
Needs Integrated Academic Operations

Save Time with a Single Platform for Your Curricular Lifecycle

By switching to a single platform for your Integrated Academic Operations, you can: 

Reduce your administrative load 

Enter information one time and be confident it automatically populates accurately throughout the tool 

Use the time you save to re-allocate your resources to more high impact initiatives  

Check out how this worked for Dallas Baptist University

Eliminate Barriers to Student Success with Integrated Academic Operations

Put your students at the center of your academic operations with a tool that will make it easier for you to: 

Set up scheduling rules that prioritize creating a smoother path to graduation for students 

Avoid errors that lead to last minute schedule changes with automatic rules validation

Make changes to your curriculum that automatically update in the catalog for your students to see 

See how Chaminade University uses Coursedog for student success

Dedicated Support from Kick-off, to Launch, and Beyond

Be confident and feel supported anytime you use Coursedog because: 

We work with you to create an implementation team with representatives from your institution and our team

Your customer success manager will meet with you on a regular basis

You have ongoing access to our Technical Support team as well as our help documentation 

Take a look at why John Carroll University decided to renew their contract

Make Informed Decisions with Integrated Analytics Tools

Take advantage of having all of your data in a single platform and use the integrated analytics tools to: 

Understand the big picture impact of your current processes 

Quickly see big-picture trends with the visual, easy-to-understand graphs and charts 

Take the actionable insights provided by the data and implement them right there in the platform

Check out how Laguna College of Arts and Design uses data on their campus

Why go with Coursedog’s Integrated Academic Operations Platform?

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“A full meal deal.”

"I love that this is a full meal deal, you don't have to go to a bunch of different vendors. And it all seems very familiar once you are in the platform."

Ashland University

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“The most complete solution on the market."

"BYU found Coursedog to be the most complete solution on the market."

Brigham Young University

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“We've saved months of work.”

"We’ve saved months of work. There’s a huge impact on people’s time."

Dallas Baptist University

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How does Coursedog Stack Up to the Alternatives?

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