Coursedog vs Modern Campus

Coursedog empowers over 200 institutions to support on-time completions and achieve operational excellence with their academic operations. See how Coursedog stacks up as an alternative to Modern Campus

The Market Leader in Academic Operations | Serving 200+ Campuses with 2M+ Students

What Makes Coursedog Different? 

Coursedog is the Integrated Academic Operations Platform. Empowering academic administrators to support on-time completions and achieve operational excellence with integrated academic and event scheduling, course demand projections, curriculum management, and online catalog solutions through a single, bi-directional integration with your SIS.

Why Choose Coursedog over Modern Campus (formerly Digarc)

Institutions who are looking for an integrated academic operations tool that has both a modern, easy-to-use interface and the flexibility to work with your unique needs will find that Coursedog is the ideal solution.

Integrated Course, Room, and Event Scheduling: 

Modern Campus has a lightweight section scheduling tool that is missing key features such as rules validation and cross-listing functionality. Coursedog has a fully integrated academic and event scheduling solution that makes it easy for institutions to schedule course sections, instructors, rooms, and events on campus.

Coursedog logo
Cloud Web App for Events
Modern User Interface
Configurable Public Calendaring and Booking Portal.
Bi-Directional Outlook Integration
Fully Customizable Dynamic Form Builder and Workflows
Custom Event Website Builder
Master Calendar
Automatic Customizable Emails, Service Orders, Contracts, Invoices and PDFs
Configurable Automated Section & Relationship Rollover
Enrollment Heatmaps
Registration Monitoring
Integrated Section and Room Optimization
After-the-Fact Change Request Dashboard
Create and Enforce Relationships between Classes
Department Section Scheduling with Workflows for Approval
Custom Scheduling Fields
Cloud Web App for Class Scheduling
Enforce Custom Scheduling Rules
Predictive Course Demand Projections
Room Optimizer
Bi-Directional SIS Integration
Instructor Preference Forms
Exam Optimization

Integrated Curriculum and Catalog Management: 

Modern Campus' legacy curriculum and catalog tools, Curriculog and Acalog, are well known in higher education, though many users often still resort to manual processes to complete tasks. Coursedog’s modern, intuitive UI, self-serve capabilities, flexible data model, and high level of configurability results in higher administration and faculty adoption rates and a smoother change management experience.

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Configurable Reporting
Create Configurable Degree Maps and Recommended Degree Paths
Built in Reporting for Visibility into Curriculum Process
Update Degreeworks Automatically
Bi-Directional SIS Integration
Modern User Interface and Experience
Learning Outcome Tracking
Syllabus Management
Audit Log and Form to PDF
Create Agendas for Curriculum Meetings
Build Forms & Workflows without calling Customer Support
Customizable Course & Program Forms and Workflows

Course Demand Projections

Coursedog provides institutions with actionable academic reporting & course demand projections that support on-time completions and operational excellence.

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Review Underfilled & Overfilled Sections
Display Past Enrollment Trends
Analytics Integrated with Scheduling Tool
Project Demand with Course & Section Recommendations

Customer Service as a Top Priority:

While both companies share a commitment to customer service, Coursedog's partners experience a level of care that is truly responsive and supportive through every step of their journey with us.

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Flexible SIS Integrations and Data Model
Ability to Become Design Partner
Open Product Roadmap
Industry Leading NPS Scores
Dedicated Client Support and Project Management
SSO Support

Proven Bi-Directional SIS Integrations:

Coursedog is proud to offer bi-directional, real-time integrations with the industry’s leading SIS platforms: Oracle PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian Colleague Ethos, Ellucian Powercampus, Anthology, and Jenzabar EX.

“The more third party solutions you bring on and integrate with, the higher the security risks you’re opening yourself up to. These processes also remain disparate when using different tools to execute them.”

John Carroll University

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