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Increase Visibility & Accuracy

We understand that information is power, and that getting complete and accurate insight into your data is the key to fueling data-driven decision making.

With Coursedog's audit log, out-of-the-box reporting, and data visualization, you gain visibility into your institution's operations so that you can make informed decisions that help students, administrators, and faculty alike.

Estimate Savings

Save Time

We know that one of the most valuable resources an institution has it its administrators' time. That's why we set out to create a platform that gives your teams time back by removing barriers in every step of your scheduling, curriculum, catalog, and events management processes.

One of our institutional partners was able to reduce the time to review scheduling change requests by over three minutes, saving their team a total of 21 days per scheduling cycle with this single change. How would your institution use this excess time?

Enhance Processes

Whether you're moving off of a legacy solution or away from paper-based processes, Coursedog's powerful feature set was created to help institutions drive efficiencies in their existing processes, while our dedicated Customer Success team acts as a best practice consultant to help uncover additional value.

Our partner institutions tell us that Coursedog helps them to consolidate workflows, streamline communications, and implement best practices that empower them to meet their goals.

Reduce Admin Costs

At Coursedog we have shown that optimizing your scheduling, curriculum, catalog, and events management processes is associated with achieving greater cost efficiencies. Our institutional partners report that maintaining a single integration, reducing training demands, leveraging real-time enrollment insights, and saving time, are a few of the ways that they have cut costs with Coursedog.