Unify Student Pathway Planning & Advisor Workflows

Create clear pathways to on-time completion for students with a unified planning, scheduling, registration & advising experience.

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Support Student Progression

Improve Student Experience

Increase engagement and student satisfaction with one tool to browse the catalog, visualize program paths, and schedule & register for courses.

Increase Productive Credits

Show students recommendations for courses within their pathways and enable advisors to intervene when students go off-track.

Unify Student Planning & Class Scheduling

Create clarity on course demand & student needs by integrating student planning with your course catalog & departmental academic scheduling processes.

Unify the Student Experience

Allow students to login while browsing the catalog to begin planning, scheduling, & registration.

See recommended courses in the program pathway and drag and drop courses into the planner & schedule

Register for courses with one-click (Coming Soon)

Allow Advisors to Operate in One System

Provide a single place for advisors to help students succeed.

View all critical student information from one central dashboard

See if students are on track or off track and reach out for interventions

Coordinate meeting appointments with students

Integrate Academic Operations for Student Success

Support on-time completions and operational excellence by uniting your academic operations. Empower administrators, faculty, advisors and students to focus on what matters most: on-time completions.

A single platform for academic operations

Ensure accuracy across the curriculum lifecycle

Break down barriers that can inhibit student pathways to completion

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by uniting campus around a single partner

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