An integrated platform to support student success & operational excellence

Integrated academic and event scheduling, course demand projections, curriculum, catalog, and academic reporting solutions.

Supercharge the academic operations lifecycle to help more students complete their educational pathways in less time.

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Demand analytics

Leverage data to make better use of resources across campus

Coursedog provides demand analytics and registration monitoring at the section level in order to ensure your offerings align with student need.

Cut superfluous, under-enrolled sections and expand those in high demand.


Enrollment reporting you need

Real-time enrollment data makes the difference for operating efficiency

Configurable reporting across curriculum, catalog, academic scheduling, and event scheduling provides the necessary insight to maximize cost efficiencies and support students more effectively. Rules are then enforced at the department level and exceptions are routed automatically.


Advanced degree maps

Put power in the hands of students.

Coursedog's flexible yet structured degree map builder allows administrators to provide students with paths toward completion that are easily digestible and accessible.

Overcome hidden requisites and bottlenecks to graduation.

Enrollment Dashboard

The enrollment dashboard provides real-time insights into scheduling efficiencies, space utilization, and potential areas for improvement.

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