A Tool Designed to be a Registrar's Best Friend

Scheduling and curriculum management are as challenging as they are important, and the burden falls on registrars. Let Coursedog eliminate the tedium, so you can focus on students.

Coursedog saves registrars hundreds of hours every semester while promoting cost-efficient and student-centric outcomes.

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Streamline requests to save time

Leverage data to make better use of resources across campus

Coursedog automatically routes requests and proposals to the right person(s) at the right time, and pushes changes to your SIS. No more email ping-pong.


Enforce policies to eliminate errors

Automatically prevent errors and respect meeting patterns.

Coursedog allows you to configure custom rules like prime time meeting restrictions and standard meetings patterns in order to increase course access.

Rules are then enforced at the department level and exceptions are routed automatically.


Project demand to meet student need.

Let data drive your offerings.

Coursedog provides demand analytics and registration monitoring at the section level in order to ensure your offerings align with student need.

Cut superfluous, under-enrolled sections and expand those in high demand.


Audit logs every step of the way

Retain complete visibility into the process.

Audit logs at the section level empower you to know was involved and when. No more inexplicable errors or mishaps.

Requests Dashboard

The requests dashboard provides administrators with a single control panel to manage communications across campus. Accept, reject, suspend, or re-route requests and proposals in one place. Changes are reflected immediately in your SIS.

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