End-to-End Class Scheduling to Promote Student Success

Project course demand, analyze your pathways, create beautiful departmental section scheduling workflows with built-in data governance, optimize room assignments and schedule events, all in one platform integrated tightly with your SIS.

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Increase Accessibility for Students, Simplify Creation for Administrators

Retain More Students

Give students access to the courses they need each semester and create an academically-accessible campus culture that inspires students to return semester after semester.

Schedule for On-Time Completions

Prevent scheduling errors and bottlenecks that impact completion rates with actionable, predictive data so you know what courses to offer and when so students graduate on time.

Optimize Your Resources  

Gain a better understanding of how you are using your space and instructional resources on campus and use that intel to reduce financial waste and instructional costs.

Completion-Focused Scheduling to Better Serve Your Students

60% Fewer Scheduling Bottlenecks
14% Reduction in Overfilled Sections

Excessive overfilled sections point to an unbalanced academic schedule that is likely over-scheduling low student demand courses, and under-scheduling courses in high demand. Reducing overfilled sections translates to faster time to completion for students and more optimal resource allocation for the institution.

"Coursedog has provided us with a system to ensure best practices are being utilized for both processes and policies which has assisted in making our course scheduling much more efficient.”

Northern Arizona University

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End-To-End Scheduling Workflow

Save time and streamline cross-campus collaboration with a single source of truth for section, room, and event scheduling.

Enable decentralized or centralized section scheduling workflows in a beautiful interface with built-in data validations. Create rules to ensure schedulers follow standard meeting patterns and eliminate inter-departmental scheduling conflicts & room bottlenecks.

Optimize room assignments with a one click optimization, considering instructor preferences, room size, layouts and more.

Streamline after-the-fact change requests in a single dashboard.

Sync data automatically back with the SIS in realtime, including section assignments, crosslists and room assignments.

Streamline event workflows & resource management and publish a unified master event calendar for campus.

Powerful Reporting to Accelerate Student Success & Operational Excellence

Actionable enrollment, course demand, and space utilization data at your fingertips to schedule a clear path to graduation for students. 

Course demand projections based on degree audit data & pathway analysis.

Build, analyze & publish pathways to the catalog that ensure the fastest path to graduation.

Track registration fill rates and review changes

Track instructor load and usage