Coursedog Joins Ellucian Community of Ethos Connected Partners

Coursedog Joins Ellucian Community of Ethos Connected Partners

Ellucian and Coursedog Improve Scheduling and Curriculum Management Processes via Ethos Integration


August 31, 2021 – NEW YORK and RESTON Va. – Coursedog, the only integrated academic operations solution for colleges and universities, and Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, today announced Coursedog has joined the Ellucian community of Ethos connected partners. The Ethos platform connects people, processes, and applications across higher education institutions, powering the essential work of colleges and universities.


Integrating Coursedog’s Integrated Academic Operations Platform with Colleague through Ethos enables institutions to capitalize on the synergies between their scheduling and curriculum management processes. With deeper insight into their data, colleges and universities can leverage variables like degree pathways and student demand to make informed decisions that maximize financial health and student success. Administrators at universities that have integrated with Coursedog through Ethos have reported saving time and budget that they are able to re-allocate towards student-facing initiatives.

Coursedog utilizes the Ethos Business and Data Layer APIs to synchronize optimized scheduling and curriculum information between the Colleague and Coursedog systems in real time, creating a seamless integration experience for schedulers, registrars and curriculum planning staff.


“We’re pleased to partner with Coursedog to deliver solutions that support our customers in integrating academic operations,” said Kuljit Dharni, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Ellucian. “The Ellucian ecosystem is enabled by our Ethos Integration platform, which uses Business and Data layer APIs to create seamless connections between both Ellucian and non-Ellucian solutions. The Ethos enabled Ellucian and Coursedog integration will help clients achieve faster time to value with increased visibility into their entire curriculum data lifecycle.”


“As institutions are more focused than ever on executing student-centric, data-driven, and cost-efficient academic operations it is critical that they are able to leverage easy-to-use tools like Coursedog to achieve long-term success,” said Justin Wenig, Co-Founder and CEO of Coursedog. “We are thrilled to partner with Ellucian to help colleges and universities integrate with Coursedog in order to unlock the benefits of modernizing their academic operations and meet their strategic enrollment management goals. The Ethos integration enables administrators to build schedules that reflect student curricular requirements for their pathways, with up to date, accurate data."

Coursedog will continue to invest in its Ethos integration in order to further streamline the implementation experience.


About Ellucian

Ellucian is charting the digital future of higher education with a portfolio of cloud-ready technology solutions and services. From student recruitment to workforce analytics; from fundraising opportunities to alumni engagement; Ellucian’s comprehensive suite of data-rich tools gives colleges and universities the information they need to lead with confidence.

Working with a community of more than 2,700 customers in over 50 countries, Ellucian keeps innovating as higher education keeps evolving. Drawing on its comprehensive higher education business acumen and suite of services, Ellucian guides its customers through manageable, sustainable digital transformation—so that every type of institution and student can thrive in today’s fast-changing landscape. To find out what’s next in higher education solutions and services, visit Ellucian at                     

About Coursedog

Coursedog is an Integrated Academic Operations Platform, empowering academic administrators to execute exceptional educational experiences. Today they partner with nearly one hundred institutions, servicing around one million students, including Ashland University, Chaminade University, Union County College, and Blue Ridge Community College. Our integrated platform helps colleges and universities support student-centric scheduling, build efficient curriculum processes, publish online catalogs and handbooks, and digitize campus forms and workflows.

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