Empower Administrators & Enable Students with a Comprehensive Curriculum Lifecycle Solution

An integrated curriculum & catalog manager that automates curricular approval workflows and guarantees accuracy.

The Market Leader in Academic Operations | Serving 200+ Campuses with 2M+ Students

A Single Solution to Align Curricular Updates with Your Online Catalog

Enroll More Students

Turn your catalog into a marketing tool by making it easy for prospective students to discover your academic offerings and envision their path to completion.

Support On-Time Completions  

Enable students and support accreditation activities through always-accurate information for your institution with a single source of truth for your curriculum and catalog.

Stand Apart from Other Institutions   

Encourage curricular innovation with a streamlined process that makes it easier to move a curriculum request through the approval workflow so your team can focus more on innovation and less on forms.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Curriculum & Catalog Updates

250+ Hours Saved Per Term in Academic Operations Execution
50% Reduction in Curricular Update Approval Times

“The catalog launched right along with the new website, and there were a lot of compliments. People thought the catalog was actually part of the website.

Steve Young

CIO at Blue Ridge Community College

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Optimize the Curricular Lifecycle 

Streamline your curriculum process and encourage curricular innovation through configurable workflows and detailed user roles.

Dynamic department workflows

Decision deadlines

Digital voting, auditing, and tracking of proposals

Customizable workflow notifications

A Single Source of Truth for Curriculum

Enable students & support accreditation activities with an always-accurate, single source of truth for your curriculum & catalog.

Dynamic connection between curriculum and catalog

Ability to use effective dating

Audit log and user activity tracking

Bi-directional integration with your SIS 

Student-Centered, Searchable Catalogs

Empower students to move down the path toward graduation with a catalog that is an effective resource for students to understand what they need to be successful. 

Customizable URLs

Degree maps

Host multiple catalogs

Branded catalogs

Integrated Academic Operations 

Academic and event scheduling, demand analytics, curriculum, catalog, and reporting solutions through a single, bi-directional integration with your SIS.

A single platform for academic operations

Ensure accuracy across the curriculum lifecycle

Break down barriers that can inhibit student pathways to completion

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by uniting campus around a single partner

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