Cost Savings from Real-Time Enrollment Insights

Coursedog’s in-app enrollment dashboard empowers our partners to respond to student demand in real-time. Not only does it help students get into the classes they need, but it also helps institutions save money from cutting under-filled sections and adding over-filled sections. Estimate your campus’s savings below, and get in touch for a customized cost savings analysis using your institution’s data.

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How it Works

Coursedog’s enrollment dashboard uses registration data to track enrollment trends in real-time. It highlights under-filled and over-filled sections, and allows administrators to efficiently respond by editing seat capacity, or adding or deleting sections, within the dashboard itself. It has never been easier for institutions to access and respond to the data they need to ensure course offerings align with demand.

Offer the Right Courses, Seats, and Sections to
Save Money & Accelerate Student Completion Rate

When you tally up the savings from eliminating excess sections and expanding high demand sections, the number becomes a major cost savings to the institution.

Check out this example infographic that goes over cost savings for higher ed institutions that utilize our course scheduling solution, or get in touch for a free analysis of your data to understand the scale of Coursedog's possible impact on your campus.

Our partners tell us that the savings Coursedog affords them allows them to spend more time & money on: program development, advising, strategic initiatives, enrollment management, and recruitment among other priorities.

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